Rollei 400S 35mm 36 X10

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Rollei 400S is a medium speed film ideal for fine art work or as a general purpose film. Made in Belgium by Agfa Gevaert, the emulsion features extended red sensitivity to 750nm thus enabling infrared effects when the requisite dark red filter is employed. The film is derived from Agfa Aviphot Pan400S, formulated for low to high altitude detailed mapping applications! This makes it very interesting for pictorial photographic applications and the IR sensitivity enables penetration of haze in landscape work.

Important: although the nominal rating is ISO400, in our opinion, based on the film we process in our own lab for customers and based on our own tests, the film is not this sensitive and will benefit from being rated slower. We would suggest ISO200 maximum, as a starting point, and see how you get on. Certainly shadow detail will be improved, this being the biggest issue we see with customer’s films, indicating underexposure. We would also suggest this film is unsuitable for push processing and we strongly recommend against exposing it faster than ISO400. If you need to re-rate a high speed film, we would recommend Kodak Tri-X or Ilford HP5.

Click here for our Black and White processing section. We offer a very consistent service which means you can rely on your film being processed in exactly the same temperature, time and with identical agitation every order, and thereby rule out these variables.

Note: this film is also marketed under different brands. We believe JCH Street pan is the same emulsion, based on the characteristics of this film.

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