Rollei infrared 120 roll film X5

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Rollei Infrared is an ISO400 film with a spectral sensitivity up to 820nm. This film is manufactured by AGFA-Gevaert in Belguim to the highest standards. Grain is much finer than the old Efke film (which was a popular IR film at Ag Photographic until the Efke factory closed), and it has a lower base fog thus making scanning easier. With the use of an IR filter, you can capture normal and IR images on the same roll, depending on what your circumstances are. This is now the only true IR film available on the market, unless you count Ilford’s SFX, but the Rollei is senstitive further into the IR part of the spectrum. Used with the correct filtration, excellent IR effects may be generated. Used without a filter, it will behave like a regular 400ASA black and white film, although it will cut through haze more effectively.

We are told this film may be loaded in daylight, however good practice would dictate the use of a changing bag / dark place, or at least very subdued light. For customers not familiar with IR film, IR light can very easily “pipe” down the entire roll from the tip exposed out of the cassette. 120 and sheet film should also be treated with extra care.

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