Ilford SFX 200 120

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Ilford SFX 200 is a near-infrared film. This means it is sensitive to light beyond visible red of the spectrum, in the 740nm range. Whilst this is not as far as the likes of other ‘fully’ infrared films, it means it is easier to use and to obtain very similar results. Ilford SFX is rated at 200ASA, however, with infrared photography, a wide amount of experimentation is required and we suggest, when using the correct IR filter, simply open your lens to f5.6 (or whatever is a middle aperture for your lens) and experiment with various exposure times from up to 5 minutes. Note: you must use the correct filter in order to obtain the special effects. If you don’t use a filter, you can shoot the film as a normal black and white film of ISO200, and it will simply produce fairly regular black and white images.

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