Tetenal Acetic Acid stop bath 5L

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Normal dilution is 1 part acetic acid to 50 parts water.

Best value stop bath – especially in this 5L size.

Tetenal Acetic Acid is a traditional, non-odourless, stop bath for black and white processing and is a 60% concentrate. Not as pleasant to use as the citric acid, odourless, alternatives, (like Ilford Ilfostop or Fotospeed SB50,  Tetenal Indicit) and it has no indicator, but it is incredibly good value! Acetic acid is, essentially, vinegar – but this is an extremely concentrated form, so it’s best to avoid getting too close to it! Can be used in dishes, small tanks, rotary processors, deep tanks, machine processing.

We use this in the Ag processing lab.

Tetenal Acetic Acid safty data sheet

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