Tetenal RA4 Developer SP80 4x10L

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Tetenal RA4 Developer Replenisher SP80 SLR (Super Low Rate). This product is designed for a replenishment rate of 80ml per square meter. If being used for adhoc low volume use, you should be prepared to discard if you are not meeting the required level of throughput, and mix fresh. To this end, if you are using it in this way, we would recommend mixing smaller amounts than the typical 10L in one go. Part of Tetenal’s “Monoline” range, this means it is a single concentrate product – the pack contains 4 bottles, each of which can be diluted with 9L of water to make 10L of developer replenisher. If mixing a tank solution starter must be added and this changes the mix, see the enclosed instructions.

Tetenal RA4 developer SP80 safety data sheet

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